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A condo shown on this domain was under contract to purchase one month and 4 days after activating, sold by the owner without using a real estate agent. The buyer found the website on after doing a condo search. One of the main reasons the website came up on the search is that the keyword "condo" is part of the domain name "" giving it a better search engine ranking. If you are selling your own condo or are in the real estate business don't miss out on this truly hot condo domain name that is now available for purchase. A good domain name will get the buyer on your website. It is up to you to sell it, however a good domain name gets the traffic you need.

Domain names and real estate are similar. It is about location, location. location. A good domain gives your company or product a good location, it allows a customer easy access to you and your company. A keyword is a word that people type into search engines. Having a keyword as part of the domain increases your chance to be found on many of the search engines that people use. Just as better real estate costs more so do better domain names.

A domain name should describe your business, be easy to remember and be easy to type. Are you paying good money to advertise a bad domain name? Can people remember your domain name when they see it on a billboard? Can they spell it when they hear it on the radio? Is it short enough for people to type into their browser address bar? These are very important questions that many people never consider when they start up a website.

Buying a good domain name can save several thousands of dollars advertising in just a few years and bring in additional profits in new customers that find you just by doing a simple search.

The best domain extension is ".com" everyone world-wide is familiar with it and every search engine picks it up for listing. While most country code extensions only get listed in search engines in their own country, will get listed in search engines all over the world because a ".com" domain name is not restricted like many country code extensions. meets all the important criteria. It is short, is easy to remember, easy to spell and has the important keyword "condo" making it one of the most desirable condo domains available. passes the radio test.

If you are a real estate agent, if your condo is for sale by owner or you sell or rent hot condos this is the ideal domain name to make you money.

This excellent keyword domain name can sell your condo.

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